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Venturefest is a fantastic showcase of businesses across all industries. It provided us with a key networking environment and investment opportunities all under one roof…we can’t wait for 2019!”

Lucy McAvoy, Director at Four Sisters Distillery Ltd

As a start-up new business, it [Venturefest North West 2018] gave us a lot of new ideas on how to grow and support our business and access to funding and investment opportunities.

Andrew Turner, Director at Cas2 UK H&S Ltd

Venturefest as a whole, and the Innovation Showcase Competition in particular, proved to be a very good marketing exercise both during and after the event.

Richard Greenwood, Founder of Radic8

Venturefest North West is a great platform for launching new products and make wonderful contacts. We were really impressed with the marketing and exposure provided by the show, as it gives small businesses like us the opportunity to raise our profile

Lucia Ndongala, Director at SACO Trading Ltd

Having set up two companies in very different industries, I know the importance of embedding innovation into the culture of a business, whether you’re a manufacturer, tech start-up or work in another field. The benefits a day like this offers in terms of networking, profile-raising and learning from the experiences of others are huge, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder CEO at CENTURY Tech

I’ve been involved in entrepreneurship for over 20 years, and three of the most important factors in success are building strong networks, learning from others’ experiences and harnessing the latest innovations.

Venturefest allows you to do this, and brings together entrepreneurs, professionals and investors at scale, encouraging them to mix, interact and create serendipity

Professor Vikas Shah MBE, Managing Director & CEO at Swiscot Group

"I attended Venturefest North West 2018 and found it a great opportunity for my business to meet different industries under one roof that I wanted to do business with. It was also good to meet start-ups which I hope in the future to be promoting in the near future."

Paul Mirage, Co-Founder and Director GM Business Connect Magazine
Matthew Walsh, Beatstream Live, with trophy (Start-up) + host Vikas Shah + Richard Jeffery-min.JPG
Matthew Walsh, Co Founder, Beatstream Media, 2017 Innovation Showcase Winner with Professor Vikas Shah (L) and GC Director of Growth, Richard Jeffery (R)
Rose Aldean, Mello, with trophy (Established)-min.JPG
Rose Aldean, Founder, Mello, 2017 Innovation Showcase Winner
Nothing But Epic, 2016 Innovation Showcase Winners
Jason Iftakhar, Co-founder, Swifty Scooters - 2016 Innovation Showcase Competition runner-up
Louis James Davis (R), CEO , VST Enterprises - 2016 Innovation Showcase Competition second runners-up
Venturefest 079-min.jpg
Tom New, Founder, Formisimo - 2015 Innovation Showcase Competition winner
Venturefest 059-min.jpg
Abdul Alim, Founder, OfferMoments - 2014 Innovation Showcase Competition winner