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Picture of Top tips for manufacturers attending Venturefest

Top tips for manufacturers attending Venturefest

Friday, November 8, 2019


For the first time at Venturefest North West an Advanced Manufacturing ‘village’ will be part of the exhibition space, demonstrating the many capabilities of new technologies and digital tools.

The Future Factory, sponsored by Made Smarter, will showcase a plethora of uses for emerging technologies, covering everything from 3D printing, to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), robotics, data and VR in manufacturing.

Expert advisers will be offering demonstrations and talking through the many uses of new technologies in the manufacturing sector.   

Jude Holmes, Head of External Relations and Marketing at Made Smarter UK offers her top tips to help entrepreneurial manufacturers make the most of the day at Venturefest North West 2019:   

Meet the Cobot

This year Morson Projects, a Manchester-headquartered engineering firm, will be offering an interactive ‘meet the cobot’ experience. You will be invited to interact with a cobot (a collaborative robot) and explore its uses within manufacturing.

The Morson team will be offering handy tips and practical information about cobots and their various uses in industry – this is definitely one not to miss!

Visit the Virtual Reality Cinema

Made Smarter is bringing a VR experience to the Advanced Manufacturing Village, allowing entrepreneurs to pay a virtual visit to a manufacturer’s factory. At the factory, you’ll be able to observe current operations and then see how Made Smarter is bringing transformative changes to help futureproof such facilities.

This immersive and educational experience is a Venturefest exclusive. How often do you get the chance to see what your competitors are up to through a virtual reality film?

Take home a souvenir

3D printing experts 3DGbire will be setting up a series of printers in the Made Smarter village to demonstrate the many uses of 3D printing in manufacturing. You will see real-time memorabilia being made for you to take home.

Save a fortune on consultancy fees

If you’re looking to bring new technology into your business, there will be ample opportunity to ask experts what they think about your ideas throughout the day.

The Made Smarter panel – Using new technology to drive your business and keep your competitive edge – will convene at 12:35pm in the Breakout Rooms and comprises experts representing a wide range of technology areas.

Panellists will be taking questions from the audience and include: Nick Brandwood, Business Adviser at the Manufacturing Growth Fund; Chris Burke, Managing Director of Morson Projects; Russ Wood, Business Development Specialist for 3DGbire; and Kevin Smith, Technology Adviser with Made Smarter. 


Made Smarter business advisers will be stationed in the village for the day. Pull up a seat and discuss the technologies you’re interested in, as well as any technical challenges you might be up against.

The advisers will answer queries and talk you through a range of options. You can arrange with them for a specialist to visit your business premises and carry out a full technology audit.

Follow up

Don’t let Venturefest end when you leave the venue. Remember to follow-up on any leads and take the opportunity to keep your competitive edge by registering for a free, personalised business assessment at 

Twitter: @MadeSmarterUK #VFNW19

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